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1. Click on a package which you’ve decided to go ahead with..

2. Your classes will be a fixed schedule and will be held according to the package selected.


  • Once a week (Choices will be given to the student)
  • Twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays EST)
  •  Three times a week (Sundays, Mondays, and Wednesdays EST)
  •  Five times a week (Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays EST)


3. Once you’ve chosen your package, fill in your personal details and contact information, including email address and Skype username.

4. Follow instructions to go through to the payment page, choosing your preferred method of payment. Your booking will only be confirmed once payment has been made. Once the payment has been confirmed, you will receive an email with a choice of timings to choose from within 24 hours.

5. Once all details have been confirmed, you will receive a PDF file with the textbook which will be used for your lessons.

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